bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

The Hospital Again!!

Dianne's body weakness has been increasing over the past two weeks, so i had made an appointment for her to see her doctor.  Instead, i allowed her to fall, slowly to be sure, to the garage floor.  Two neighbor ladies tried to help me lift her into the car, but she was too heavy, weak, and arthritic,and i had to call 911.  So instead of going to the doctor's office, she was taken to an ER and admitted to hospital five plus hours later.

Negatives: 1) This is getting old.!!  2) My phone service is out and necessary parts are delayed by weather. and my cell phone has used all its minutes so i feel cut off when not at the hospital,

Positives: 1) Dianne is where she needs to be, getting antibiotics intravenously instead of orally.  2) I expect she will be stronger when she comes home.  3) Neighbors S. and A. now have met each other and S. has had a chance to be a good neighbor (A.. has consistently and to the point of embarrassment been our good neighbor)
Tags: health, personal life
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