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Happy New Year

May we, in this new year, know ever more clearly that all of our lives are intertwined, that everybody counts, everybody matters. May it be a year where we recognize ourselves in one another, and bring together wholehearted aspiration and dedicated effort for the happiness and well being of all.  - Sharon Salzberg
Athgarvan Musings -

My computer has been mostly down for the past four.  I'm not sure if its worn out equipment (phone jack?) or some systemic problem at Clear.  It seems to be working fine today for no apparent reason, so i had better take advantage.

So, Happy New Year to everybody, and especially my LJ friends.  I have a lot of journal reading to catch up on and will probably not comment much unless your entries seem to mark my spiritual path or really seriously set me off.

Besides the Satzberg quote above, my resolutions are as follows:
to be more patient (including less use of the word "shit."
to be more tolerant ( ditto.)
to be more present and attentive.
to be more prayerful.
to be more silent, and
to lose weight (at least five pounds this year, fifteen to twenty, eventually -- the lose of 12 pounds will move my BMI from "overweight" to "normal."

Dianne has been very weak, fighting off infections and congestion.  I have really been getting worried as it has seemed more and more difficult to do basic things.  Today her voice and body seem much stronger, for which i am grateful and i must remember to express that gratitude to its appropriate beneficiary/ies.
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