bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

End Of Day

Dianne is clear-headed, breathing well, drained of excess fluids (almost) and eager to come home tomorrow.  Today has been a very good day for her, with everything pointing to recovery.  Three days in the hospital have been of great benefit today.  She walked today with the help of a physical therapist, said she couldn't believe how well and far--better than she has in a very long time.  She said she felt like she was skating.

Later i watched an episode of The Bridge.  My hero, Sonia, was in great autistic form, suffering, and being socially awkward and using almost miraculous powers of focus and deduction to locate a (unfortunately dead?) person,  The show portrayed what i have experienced, the ability to turn social awkwardness and lack of common sense into the appearance of grace under fire.  Since every situation is a crisis situation for an autistic person, we have plenty of practice for the real (as defined by neurotypical people) crises.
Tags: autism, personal life
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