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Well we have made it through a week without doing serious harm (i trust) to ourselves.  Some things are harder than i expected, others are easier.  What is hard is the amount of attention and focus i need to maintain to make sure i don't hurt Dianne.  It is also difficult to watch her go through the stress of recovery.  A day of immobility requires a week of rehabilitation.  The easy part, so far, has been being present; i had thought it would take far more effort and will to do what needs doing, then doing it again, and again, and again.....

Sea levels will rise higher in the next 100 years than they have in the last 2000 or more.  Depending on who you ask, the rise could be 13 inches or 19 or 36 or 48 or 60 or 78 or 120 or 2,592 (if all ice melts).  The Army Corps of Engineers is bullding as though a five foot rise is probable.  A five foot rise would imperil the coastlines of every continent except Antarctica and every coastal city in the tropics.  136 large coastal cities  with an at risk population of 40 million people could be inundated prompting massive drownings and evacuation, which will affect inland areas everywhere.  Coastal property will be worthless while higher ground will become very expensive.  All of this is stated or easily deduced from the article "Rising Seas" in the latest National Geographic Magazine.

I have to wonder what the wealthy and their minions have in mind for the future.  Two thirds (at least) of the reason for these rising sealevels will be global warming which, according to conservatives is "natural" or nonsense, and certainly requires no action that will cost them any money.   Will they simply take possession of the high places and force that portion of the ninety-nine percent that they cannot use into the sea?  It appears that this is already happening.

Rising Seas
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