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Well, it is actually tomorrow already, but yesterday hasn't quite ended for me.  I still must put groceries away and perhaps try to clean the kitchen a little.  Today (now yesterday) was a pretty good day for me, not so much for Dianne.  We breakfasted, bathed and kept a medical appointment all by 1:30 pm, an accomplishment for us in the best of times.  The appointment was with the consulting orthopedist (who also replaced both my hips and repaired one of Dianne's hips earlier on).  He gave her a clean bill of health, the fracture has healed completely and she may do anything she is able.  He called the healing miraculous.

On the other hand my brother-in-law checked himself out of hospital against medical advice.  He says he feels fine, we all feel he is "blowing smoke............" and that he just wants to be home when he dies.  He doesn't want medical people or family making a fuss over him.  Death, it seems, is often harder on the survivors than on the dying.  We think he would be quite capable of taking his own life if he decided that was the best way to go, which would, no doubt, add to the burden of the grieving.
Tags: death, health, personal life, violence
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