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Another day has ended with both of us alive and better than yesterday.  Dianne shows a little more strength and my back hurts less.  New settings on her VPAP (BiPAP) will hopefully guarantee a more restful night and a better morning.  We managed a bath today without stress or drama, we both felt accomplished.  Caring for a person with limited mobility resembles caring for an infant.  The end of life is indeed much like the beginning.

Yesterday sergey_lodugyn posted a remarkable photograph on landscape Its foreground is an uneven row of stones in what  appears to be a large lake (i presume somewhere in eastern Europe or central Asia..  There effect for me was awe producing.  These stones speak to us of the nature and mystery of the universe.  Somewhere in the gospels there is a statement that if we will not proclaim the glory of god, the rocks will.  This photograph made me believe that.

Then today cathy_edgett raised the question of whether we breathe to live or live to breathe, suggesting the spiritual and health benefits of the latter view.  The trace element, argon, which we inhale at the rate of 400,000 atoms with each breath is the same argon that was breathed by the first breathers and every breather since, including, we are reminded, all the wise people and all my ancestors.  We are connected to life through the air we breathe.

As with earth and air, so it is also with fire and water.  Once these were called elements. they were so elemental to the physical world which is the only world we can somewhat know.  How  well one understands the value of breath when someone you care about stops breathing.  And fire, and earth, and water/  What if they were no more?
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