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Personal Life

I am so grateful to all my LJ friends who have been pulling for us, praying for us, and sending good vibes or etc.,our way.  Special things those who have commented to my "personal life" journal entries.  I do not always respond to every comment, but i do enjoy them and draw strength from them.  Thank you all.  Love, Peace, and Joy.

The day began with an 8:00 am appointment with a pulmonologist.  Eight is about the time i get up; Dianne is still in deep sleep.  An early morning appointment is impossible for us under the best conditions (this one was made by the nursing home), and these are not the best conditions.  I find it incredible that we made it.  Then there were visits by a physical therapist and an occupational therapist (with whom we have previous encounters --but she and Dianne seemed to get along well today.  Still struggling, but still learning new tricks..  Tomorrow should be easier.
Tags: personal life
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