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Almost Daily Writing

Dianne will be coming home, God willing, this week!  Almost certainly not today, though we had hope.  Probably not on Tuesday, but this week.  There must be a "home evaluation" which, so far as i know, has not been scheduled yet (and it is nearly noon).  Then the necessary "home health" and physical rehab arrangements must be made.  Soon, very soon!!

We had a great visit with granddaughter and boyfriend and i was such a typical nuerotypical grandfather that you would not believe!  It  may have been fortunate that i arrived late, after the others had assembled and begun the conversation.  I was pleasant, i took turns, i acknowledged (at all times!) the presence of the other persons.
I maintained boundaries yet was comfortable in my own skin, at ease, maintaining eye contact -- and all of this seemed completely natural!  I was sorry to see the visit end!!  At one point i actually started to tear up.  Boyfriend seems like a great guy; he reminds me a lot of granddaughter's wonderful stepfather.
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