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Today has, indeed continued to be a great day/  If i could beam. i would be beaming.  Dianne successfully made the transfer from wheelchair to car seat this morning, the last big hurdle to her coming home.  Tonight we will go our by ourselves to celebrate.  This will be the first time she has left the nursing home for other than medical reasons in over 10 weeks.  Coming home, which she dearly craves, is days away, maybe only two.  Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

I guess eighty is the new sixty so far as middle and upper class people are concerned, though there are still places in the United States and in the World where life expectancy is in the sixties.  But please don't let all this talk about an obesity epidemic fool you into thinking the many people who die don't die of hunger.  Even fat people can die of hunger.   Still eighty years is a long time, and in spite of the fact that longevity runs in my biological family (and my adoptive mother died at 98), i never expected to live this long.  There were days in the last year when i did not think i would make it to eighty.  Today i know i will make it to ninety easily!!

I've spent a lot of time the last two months around people who were my seniors.  Life Care Center is connected to a retirement community so i have seen some very robust 90+ year olds and some very feeble 70- year olds.
Its both inspiring and cautionary.  All my life, i have been clumsy, strange, spacy and prone to talk to myself.  I have finally entered the age when such behavior is considered "normal."
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