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Update Update

Dianne is extremely tired today.  Fortunately, she has no physical rehab. scheduled.  (On the other hand, we are both anxious to know how much her most recent hospitalization has set her back.  Not much say the therapists, perhaps hardly at all.)  Walking through a nursing home makes me wonder if this where they get the inspiration for modern zombie stories.  So far as i can tell, the stories have no relationship to either the facts or legends of Haiti.  Dianne will be much more alert when she has had some rest, i'm sorry that that is probably not true for some of the others there.  One exciting thing: when aides were slow in responding to the call light.  Dianne and i decided to try to get her into bed by ourselves.  This is one of or three of four obstacles that must be overcome in order to get her home.  We thought we made the transfer relatively easily, a big boost to my morale.  Also the insurance company is finally making really friendly noises about "working with us."

Our oldest granddaughter will be coming by this weekend to introduce us to her boyfriend.  The tiny grandfatherly part of me is squealing with excitement and jumping for joy.  The much larger autistic part  is quaking in fear.  I have decided to push that fear aside and enjoy the moment(s).
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