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Celebrate the Darkness, Brennan Manning

A CERTAIN  CHRISTIAN thought it was of vital importance to be poor and austere. It had never dawned on him that the vitally important thing was to drop his ego, that the ego fattens on holiness just as much as on worldliness, on poverty as on riches, on austerity as on luxury There is nothing the ego will not seize upon to inflate itself.

DISCIPLE: "I have come to you with nothing in my hands."

MASTER: "Then drop it at once!"

DlSCIPLE: "But how can I drop it? It is nothing."

MASTER: "Then carry it around with you! You can make a possession of your nothing. And carry your renunciation around you like a trophy.  Don't drop your possessions. Drop your ego."1

Death to self is necessary in order to live for God. A crucifixion of the ego is required. That is why mature Christian prayer inevitably leads to the purification of what St. John of the Cross called the dark night of the senses and the spirit which, through loneliness and aridity, buries egoism and leads us out of ourselves to experience God.

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Tags: ego, emptiness, he who loses his life will save it., john of the cross, sermon on the mount, spiritual practice, spirituality, toward compassion
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