bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Today's Crossword Puzzle Solution

"Force without wisdom falls of its own weight."  Horace.

Does wisdom ever call on force?
Or do we just think it does because we lack wisdom?
Perhaps force in human affairs is the ultimate evil?
The ultimate opiate,

Do those who say: "those people only understand force,"
understand force?
Simone Weil said that force destroys both those who use
it and those who have it used against them.
"The latter it enslaves, the former it intoxicates."

What is the state but a bigger bully?
What are executions and wars but murders by the state?

And what is a bureaucracy but a plutocratic state
using another name.  And what is a corporation but another bureaucracy?
Tags: equality, gnosis and agnosis, perspective on "history", violence, war, wisdom
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