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Stephen Post On The Forms Of Love

"Love may take the form of celebration...( or)
active compassion,,, (or)
forgiveness... (or)
care.. (or)
companionship... (or)
correction..."  Stephen G. Post Unlimited Love....2003.

Yeah, i suppose correction is a "form" of love, based on the idea that everyone can do better than she or he does, be a better person than he or she is.  Certainly it is an essential part of parental love.  (I wish i had been more aware of that).  Still, i would be especially careful about that.  Celebration -- to be sure!  Compassion -- absolutely!  Forgiveness --certainly!  Care -- corporeal works of mercy, yes!  Companionship -- without a doubt!
Correction?  Be careful (pun intended).

How easily i mistake my will for the Divine "will."   How my social, cultural, historical, ethnic, and idiosyncratic prejudices seem to me to be universal truth.  When i try to "correct" someone, i can be a real asshole without at all being aware of it,  I love Jesus as portrayed by Dostoyevski in the story of the Grand Inquisitor.  Jesus does not speak to the Bishop, does not try to "correct" him; he just acts like Jesus, healing the sick and kissing the bishop on the cheek.  Dostoyevsky says that that kiss burns in the inquisitor's heart for the rest of his life.  It doesn't even suggest that the inquisition was called off.  We all know it wasn't.

Correction (as a form of love) requires a humility, a modesty, a wakefulness that i am not yet capable of.
I had best try to "correct" my self in the interest of a true love of Self. (Atman is Brahman)

Tags: love, meditation, personal life, toward compassion
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