bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Unlimited Love

Daily Tao - 49
Thanks to trevoke

Two versions of the same text
saying different things?
saying the same thing differently?

Thinking about bardcat 's entry on Grace
And Stephen Post on Unlimited Love.
Can i only be a recipient of these things?
not a giver?
I am not unlimited, at least i don' thing that i am..
I am not graceful, at least i don't know that i am.
How can i give unlimited love with my limitations?
How can i be a conduit of grace in my gracelessness?

The Tao Te Ching suggests that i am not yet a master.
But i can be a master if i let the Tao flow through me.
The Tao is flowing through me, but i am unaware.
I will be graceful and loving when i become aware ...awake.

Can i be truly good?
Can i pray the Prayer of St Francis?

I do not know who my enemies are!
I only know who i think are my enemies.
My enemies are the people i hate.
But hatred does not make them my enemies,
My hatred makes me theirs.
So i must love my enemies.,
Then i will backtrack and love all sentient beings,
love all people,
love the different,
love the needy,
love my friends,
love myself.
Then love will be boundless,
i will have no mind of my own,
i will have no will of my own.
I will be a child, awed and awsome
fragile and fearless
potent with potential
ready to take on the world.
Tags: he who loses his life will save it., love, meditation, tao te ching, tonglen, toward compassion
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