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Today's Required Writing

Dianne's oxygen level dropped into the sixties early this pm and she was unable to do physical therapy.  The problem was (i hope) that she has been refusing to take the required dosage of diuretic,  Scared us both.  She had good reason to not take a full dosage of diuretic, now she has a much better reason to do sol
Tonight i will watch my favorite television drama. "The Bridge" on the fx channel.  Its well written, has some interesting three-dimensional characters, and lets face it, i'm addicted to murder mysteries.  The the most important reason i watch the show is it's main character El Paso Homicide Detective Sonia Cross, portrayed by Diane Kruger.  Sonia has Asperger's Syndrome and i am learning much about autism and about myself by watching her.  Her Boss, Lt. Hank Wade (Ted Levine - "Monk"s Captain Stottlemeyer) tries to teach and protect her but she is, like me, without social skills or common sense.  Nonetheless, she has already saved one life (while losing another) because of her autism.

After the series is over, i will watch the original Swedish/Danish version The Bridge (Bron) and look forward to a possible UK/French version (possibly called The Chunnel?)  Bron (Broen) has an almost identical plot line, including the names of the major characters, and i don't want to ruin my enjoyment by watching it now.
Tags: autism, personal life
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