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Come Together Right Now Over Me/

"We realized the reason this (temple shooting) happens is that we magnify the differences between people. We don't magnify the similarities.  So one of our main goals is to magnify those similarities and say, 'Hey, I'm not so different from you. So let's come together in a common cause." -- Pardeep Kaleka.

  Sikh Temple Attack United Victim's Son, Ex-Racist - ABC News

...the meaning behind the words attributed to Jesus (I and the Father are one and come to me all of you who are heavily laden and other seemingly self aggrandizing statements) were that all of us need to become aware of our common humanity.  That's why he made the "prodigal son" a wastrel and the "good neighbor" a foreigner.  We should come together because of our common humanity, and Jesus hoped to be a vehicle of that unification.

It shames me that i put so much distance between myself and other people when the son of a victim of a racist shooting and a long time racist can come together to work for the cause of peace among all people.  Surely my enemies are no mote different, no more unreachable, no less forgivable, no less lovable than theirs.
Tags: sermon on the mount, toward compassion, violence
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