bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Playing With Reality And Struggling Against Illusion.

Can i believe while remaining doubtful?
Can i obey without selling my soul?
Can i seek while knowing nothing has been lost?
Can i play with reality in the midst of illusion?
Perhaps i have no choice in the matter.
I will not call real what others call real unless they are wiser than i.
How would they demonstrate this wisdom to me?
Not through wealth, nor through power, nor through social acceptance.
Today's socially acceptable is tomorrows deviance and aberration.
This society's right is another society's wrong.
Differential wealth and power only show a contempt for our common specialness.
The wise claim that they know nothing.
True, they use a lot of fancy words to say that, but i think they are right.
They say the first language of the universe is silence,
and they use a lot of fancy words to say that also,
but i think they are right.

In the meantime, i will play my role the best i can
(As Krishna advised Arjuna)
And somehow participate in the mystery
while staying, for now, in the illusion.

Tags: gnosis and agnosis
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