bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Scary Night

After family paid a last visit before heading home, Dianne became very tired,  too tired, i thought, and maybe a little incoherent.  She ordered dinner, but then said she wasn't hungry and didn't remember ordering anything.  I checked her blood oxygenation level which was in the low 80s and dropping (normal is 92-98 -- in the 50s a person turns blue and requires emergency medical attention).  Attempts to bring it up seemed to drive it lower.  I ran for the nurse, no waiting for someone to respond to a call light.  She found the level had dropped into the high 60s.  A "super" breathing treatment did not help so the nurse called a doctor who said she should go to the hospital.  I hooked her up to a portable liquid oxygen provider (she had been on an oxygen concentrator) and her oxygen level shot right up.  So for me, the logical answer was that the concentrator ( i have no idea how they work) had somehow failed to provide her with enough oxygen.  So by the time Dianne arrived at the hospital she was alert but uncomfortable  They spent the next seven hour checking her heart and lungs, out found nothing out of order that we didn't already know about.

She was back in bed asleep by 3:00 a.m.    I made it to bed by 3:30 for a pleasant four hour nap.  I have not checked in with her this morning, so i had better do that now..

(Edit:  She is fine.  I will go to see her in a while.
Tags: personal life
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