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Tao Te Ching Meditation - Chapter 62: The Gift Of Tao, The Gift of Spiritual Awareness.


62.1 The Way is the pivot of all things:
       the treasure of good people,
       the safeguard of those who are not good.
62.2 Fine words can be sold,
       honored acts can oppress people;
       why should people who are not good abandon them.
62.3 Therefore to establish an emperor
       and set up high officials,
       one may have a great jewel
       and drive a team of horses,
       but that is not as good
       as advancing calmly on this Way.
62.4 Why did the ancients value this Way?
       By it one can attain without long seeking
       and escape from the faults one has;
       therefore it is valued by the world.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation


According to Thomas Cleary, line 62.2 can be read as follows:

Fine words can be made public,
noble acts can be applied to others;
why should what is bad about people be abandoned?

People without the Tao
are beset by illusions within illusions
within the illusion that is the perception of the world.
They can hardly be blamed for being half crazy.
and half angry.

We live in an illusory world, so the world will appear differently
to different minds;
but even some who share the illusions we share are willing to lie to us,
And our leaders, who are especially prone to think their illusions are real,
are mistaken about the illusions of their constituents..
Thus we live in illusions within illusions within an illusion.

Only those who know that they do not know are wise.
The wise know we cannot avoid illusions by knowing.
They know that "understanding" must be defined differently from "knowing"
Therefore what "everybody knows," is surely ignorance.

What everybody should know is known only by our original Buddha Selves --
the selves hidden by ego, culture, pride, greed, and opinion.
Our True Selves are gifts which we already have and need only recognize.

So this chapter says, if you get a new Chief Executive, or a new Pope
The best way to honor him or her
is not to bring expensive material gifts
nor take his will to be your command.
But rather pray for that person
and hope he or she recognizes the true Self
along the true Path.
Also i should honor myself in the same manner.

Prayer:  Holy Loving:  Show me the Path; guide me along the Path.  Let me not be deceived by "great jewels" or "teams of horses."  Keep me a humble beggar, less than "half caring" for anything but Love.  Amen.
Tags: gnosis and agnosis, he who loses his life will save it., humility, meditation, self, tao te ching
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