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Tao Te Ching Meditation - Chapter 61: Yin Prevails!


61.1 A great nation flows downward
       into intercourse with the world.
       The female of the world
       always prevails over the male by stillness.
61.2 Because stillness is considered lower,
       by lowering itself to a small nation
       a great nation takes a small nation;
       by being lower than a great nation
       a small nation takes a gret nation.
61.3 So one takes by lowering itself,
       another takes place by being lower.
61.4 A great nation wants no more
       than to include and nurture people;
       a small nation ants no more
       than to admit and serve people.
61.5 Both get what they want,
       so the great should be below.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation
daily_tao: Chapter 61


It is very difficult for me to meditate on this chapter.
Its good spiritual advice is couched as questionable political advice,
further dressed up as sexist gender analysis.
It is really hard fir me to dig down to what is spiritual.
Similes are always dangerous if the mind carries them to far.

Though the universe is a unity,
everything in it is absolutely different from anything else.
Though i know that the body is "animal" and the soul is "anima"
That doesn't mean bodies are "guys" and souls are "dolls"
But then, i guess we always have to get past the words
in order to see the wisdom.

Here is another simile: The Tao is like water.
The water that falls as rain
or rises from mountain springs
is (barring pollution) pure.
But life sprang from the the depths of brine.
and water, whatever its source,
naturally flows to the lowest point.
Water often naturally flows\
to places people can't or will not go.

"The last shall be first, and the first, last'
Seek the lowest place
and the Master of the feast
may ask you to come higher.
Sit in the "chief seats"
and you may be told,
"Sorry, these are reserved
for the baptismal party."

But it should not be
fear of embarrassment that make me humble.
Humility is the natural state of beings made of clay.
and bred in brine.

Prayer:  Holy Loving: Keep me low.  Amen.


Tags: humility, meditation, tao te ching
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