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School shooting triggers 'mind battle' for Columbine victims -

".....For survivors of Columbine and other tragedies, there's a serious danger when new mass killings stir up memories, says clinical psychologist Paula Bloom.
"These tragedies "can completely trigger some of the nightmares and flashbacks," damaging recovery and bringing back feelings of terror and powerlessness.
"If people start to have trouble functioning or feel very anxious and fearful, they should consider resuming therapy, Bloom says.
"Avoiding the news coverage, or seeing just a little, is often a good idea in those cases, she says.
"People need to be cautious," Bloom says.
"But depending where someone is in his or her recovery, there can be another response to a tragedy, Bloom says. "Survivors may feel a sense of strength to help shattered families because of their ability to empathize.
"You can be inoculated, welled up with compassion and less of the fear because you know you can get through to the other end, because you've been there. People who have been through this have found a way to create meaning," she says. "People take their experience and transform their pain into power. It's psychological alchemy."...."

School shooting triggers 'mind battle' for Columbine victims -
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