bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

On Disagreement

"That a body of human beings comprising, at least nominally, one sixth of the human race should display a vast diversity of temperament and attitude and opinion is both inevitable and desirable.  A Church in which there were no serious disagreements would be dead.  Disagreement about things that matter deeply to the disputants may create tensions but does not, of itself, do damage to the bonds of charity or threaten sacramental unity.  Polarization, in contrast -- the dramatized simplification of disagreement to the point where there appear to be, for all practical purposes, two and only two approaches or opinions possible (and these two locked in mutual incomprehension and distaste) -- threatens truth and charity alike." -iTheology for Pilgrims, p 231, quoted in Diocese of Boise newspaper.)
Tags: gnosis and agnosis, love
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