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I tried to make sense of the Four Books*
until love arrived
and it all become a single syllable.

I met this thirteenth and early fourteenth century Turkish poet at Poetry Chaikhana about two years ago and he has become a favorite.  He sang his poems to the poor people of rural Anatolia, so his poems are not in Persian nor Arabic.  My favorite poems are "A single word can brighten the face" and "True speech is the fruit of not speaking."  But beautiful, true expressions of mysticism can pop up anywhere, as in the above quote from "The lover is outcaste and idle."

* I think the Four Books are Torah, Psalms, Gospel, and Quran.
My four books are Tao Te Ching, Dhammapada, Bible, and nature.
If i come to be more familiar with the Glorious Quran, it might become a fifth
and there are already many others that i love.
But as Yunus Emre says, its all there in one syllable: love.

God is all and God is love
I am part of it all
I put on flesh and a name
but i am love and i am God.

Tags: mysticism, sacred poetry, yunus emre
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