bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Daily Tao - 59

Leadership is based on moderation.
Practice moderation,
and you'll get in touch
with the power of Tao.

If you get right with Tao,
nothing is impossible.
If you get right with Tao,
there's no limit to what you can do.
If you get right with Tao,
you can be a true leader.

Remember this advice
if you want to be a leader:
Plant deep roots in firm soil.
Get right with Tao,
and you'll always see things clearly.

The  Beatrice Tao
Daily Tao - 59

ere as in many places, i prefer the Gia-Fu/English version (at link above)

"In caring for others and serving heaven
there is nothing like using restraint.
Restraint begins with giving up one's own ideas..."
Tags: beatrice tao, economy, ego, tao te ching, taoism
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