bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Writer's Block: Go to the head of the class

When you take a class or attend a big meeting, where do you prefer to sit? Up close or way back where you can make a speedy get-away? Can you force yourself to focus even when you're not interested?

I sit up front so I can hear.  I never sit in the back except at church (reason for that is My spouse is in a wheel chair; I go to church because she needs to go.  We have two options front row or back row.  In the front row the Eucharist server will make a special trip over to give her communion while I sit there like a bump on a log.  I enjoy accompanying her so that she can take the Eucharist in the same manner every one else does.  I also feel I have "participated" in a sense.   I can't even force myself to focus when I am interested.
Tags: writer's block

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