bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Living In Time

"Wisdom has no author, it flows through us anonymously"  The person who wrote these words seems to believe them, as do i; yet he wrote them in a book to which he holds the copyright.  What's my point?  I'm not sure i have one.

For thirteen milennia or more, we humans have been living an artificial life.   As Marx suggested, we decorate our "chains" with "flowers" to pretend they are necklaces and bracelets and slave bracelets; but we are lost to that timeless world where people lived in the moment or in the very close neighborhood of the moment.  We are indeed "separated from our nature by instruments of our own construction". and many of these trillions upon trillions of "instruments" are so subtle or so taken for granted that we take no notice of them, let alone ever ask how they separate us or why we should care.

When the Tao Te Ching says that every human knows that fluidity is stronger than solidity but no one puts it into practice, it was  acknowledging how far we had removed ourselves from "our original nature."  It tried to remind us of the Path from which we had strayed.  So also did the Buddha and later Jesus.  Their warnings have gone unheeded and mostly unheard in the hurricane of material and technological change
Tags: perspective on "history", tao te ching, wisdom
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