bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Colin Oliver: Become Nothing

Become Nothing

by Colin Oliver
(1946 - ) 

(After Ansari)

Who walks on water
is no better than a straw.
Who flies in the air
is no better than a fly.
Be without equal:
become nothing.
Find the real self
where no self exists.
The heart resigns
and the eye sees
nothing but God.
Colin Oliver: Become Nothing

After Oliver, after Ansari, after Dickinson))

To be without equal,
i become nothing.
If you become nothing,
are we equal?

None are equal
if i am somebody.
"if anyone is in prison
i am not free"
If i hate anyone
i do not love.

Be my equal, my brother,
lets be no one together
Tags: sacred poetry
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