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In Love We Are All Different; In Love We Are All The Same. Words From Mirabai Starr:

Here is an article from one of my mentors and secret admireds.  Her discussion is confined to the "Abrahamic" monotheisms, but i'm sure she would agree that the point she is trying to make would include many other perspectives as well.  She includes scrpture from each faith  At the end are some responses to the article that some may find interesting.

My God-of-Love Life: Interspiritual Wisdom for a Unified World
Posted: 03/28/2012 2:02 pm

".... What they did notice was my bewildering obsession with traditional religion. Why would I willingly engage institutions they considered responsible for most horrendous violations of human rights and the environment in the history of civilization?

Good question. Here's my answer now, which I could intuit but not articulate then: because that's not the God I believe in. The God I love celebrates humanity in all our disguises, and makes a direct correlation between our relationships with one another and our relationship with him. All the great wisdom teachings point to this. The three Abrahamic faiths -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who have traditionally endeavored to wipe each other off the face of the earth -- unfold a clear set of instructions about uncovering the essential interconnectedness of all creation and finding the face of God in every being.

It's not that all religions are ultimately the same. I am not attempting to reduce the rich theological and cultural diversity into a homogeneous spiritual gruel that nourishes no one. What I am interested in is the unifying wisdom at the heart of the monotheistic traditions: the song of yearning for union with the Divine embodied in the writings of the mystics; the social justice teachings found in the midrash of the rabbis, Christ's Sermon on the Mount, and the hadith of Muhammad; the calls of the prophets to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend the sick, protect the orphan and welcome the stranger. Jews, Christians and Muslims may stridently disagree about the distribution of power and wealth, but their most sacred Scriptures unanimously proclaim that lovingkindness is the highest expression of faith. When I drop down into these ancient texts, I feel the breath of the God of Love on my face. It makes me crazy. In the very best way.

Mirabai Starr: My God-of-Love Life: Interspiritual Wisdom for a Unified World
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