bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Nosebleed Log

It has been nineteen days since my last nosebleed and forty-five since the last major one, just long enough to start getting careless about prevention.  Knowing that my blood is probably o. k. makes the bleeding episodes less ominous.

Today's bleed was a major one, but, now that i expect them, i do not make the house a bloody mess in the process.  The rapid dripping began just as i was heading for bed at one ay emm and continued though three efforts to stop it (about 1.5  hours).  I went to bed fearing that i would bleed during the night, but it didn't happen.  Blood from the nose seemed a little thin and watery while that which went into the throat seemed unusually thick.  I don't think that means anything, but as long as i;m making notes....
Things seem fine this morning and i shall begin housecleaning in a few minutes.
Tags: nose, personal life
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