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Equanimity <> An Immeasurable

Four Immeasurables « Unfettered Mind

Equanimity is defined as the quality of being calm and even tempered, or as composure.  The word comes from the proto-Indo-European root ane- "to breathe." (!) via the Latin aequanimus = even tempered, impartial, (from aequus  = even + animus = mind).  Synonyms are composure, sang froid, and serenity.  I think that peace, acceptance, and detachment might also be considered synonyms.  The key ideas in the meditation are: 1) freedom from preference, 2) freedom from prejudice, 3) knowing and being known, and 4) "seeing into" things.

Equanimity and the other Immeasurables

What is the difference between no-difference and indifference?
Darth Vadar has equanimity,
"I'd just as soon look at you as kill you," shows composure and impartiality.
"To kill effectively," says a Sergeant Major whose business it is to know, "you cannot hate, you must be cool and composed."

The book Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life places upeksha (even mindedness) last in order in its discussion of the "immeasurables," suggesting  that maitri (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), and mudita ("sympathetic joy") be taken up first.

I certainly do not want to balance my life on "the dark side of the force:" and i guess that the temptation to do so is so great that three other "immeasurables" are needed to counter-balance the  mental balance.

Yet the priority of equanimity seems to me to be proper.  I must first acknowledge what i will later come to love, pity and enjoy.   Peace, love, compassion, and joy!
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