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Instant Meditations

Each One Counts 3 Minute Retreat

K and H sent me this, hoping i can use it.  Actually, i can't, but the idea is one i have been thinking about for a long time, especially today.

I awoke at ten aye emm, way too late to do my "immeasurables " meditation, so i tried a

I learned from Jill Bolte Taylor that the physiological component of an emotional response passes from the human body in 90 seconds.  I had noticed that our priest, Monsignor J. meditates for 90 seconds between the gospel and the homily.  Dr Andrew Weil says one deep breath (1, 2, 3, 4,), hold it (5, 6, 7), blow it out (8) repeated once each day promotes health and a more positive attitude.  The cult leader murder suspect on The Mentalist says to visualize your negative emotion as a cloud which is blown out with the exhaled breath--color coded red for anger (i'm guessing pale yellow for assidie, black for hate, bright yellow for fear).  Then today i got these "three minute retreats" from K and H.  All these messages say that a very short meditation can be useful.

The results were quite good.  A short reading (an immeasurable). a deep breath, a brief silence, a short prayer, all finished in three minutes.  Followed by peace, a good feeling, a willingness to face the afternoon.

I like the longer 20 or 35 or 50 (for the "immeasurables") meditations, and will try to get one in today, but the instant meditation worked well this morning.  Peach, love, compassion and joy,
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