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Starlight and Non-Being, and Etcetera

8: Existence and non-existence

Starlight [the points of light all over the sky] asked Non-entity, saying,

'Master, do you exist? Or Don't you exist?'

He got no answer to his question, however, and looked steadfastly to the appearance of the other, which was that of a deep void. All day long he looked to it, but could see nothing; he listened for it, but could hear nothing; he clutched at it, but got hold of nothing. Starlight then said,

'Perfect! Who can attain to this? I can (conceive the ideas of) existence and non-existence, but I cannot (conceive the ideas of) non-existing non-existence, and still there be a non-existing existence. How is it possible to reach to this?'

Chuang Tzu Based on James Legge's Translation - The Gold Scales

When Starlight spoke thus:  "This is IT!
                                         This is the furthest yet! Who can reach it?
                                          I can comprehend the absence of Being
                                          But who can comprehend the absence of Nothing?
                                          If now, on top of all this, Non-Being IS,
                                          Who can comprehend it?"
Astrophysics, Mysticism, and Quantum Mechanics
who were seated with Starlight,
nodded their heads in agreement.

Atheism and Theism
Who were sitting close enough to hear,
But too far away to understand
Glanced at each other
and smirked.
Then they began to talk,
and talk, and talk, and talk.

Chuang Tzu (22:8), Thomas Merton, and me.
Tags: chuang-tzu, cloud of unknowing, gnosis and agnosis, meditation, mystery, taoism
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