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On the way home from church tonight we stopped at Burger King for their special on Whoppers.  I backed into a parked vehicle.  So i pulled ahead and tried backing up again and hit it again.  On at least one of those occasions i dented the other car's front left fender and Dianne's car's right rear fender/bumper.  So i went into the Burger King to find the owner and it was full of people so i reported it to staff who acted like they never had an accident in their parking lot before, and maybe they hadn't.  Finally the couple the other car belonged to left the building and headed for their car.  We exchanged information and i felt incredibly stupid, as is my habit.  The inner situation was made worse by the fact that i had caused another ridiculous accident less than three weeks ago.  Am i getting too old to drive?  This is totally unacceptable.

On a more positive note, Deacon P gave the homily tonight and is was exceptionally wise and kind and advent related.  Jesus would have approved.  This is the second time i have heard P preach, the other time was wonderful also.  I go to church to be with Dianne, but occasionally i get a bonus.


Nosebleed log:  last week i had two nosebleeds on two successive days, both so minor that i failed to record them.  Then yesterday morning blood mysteriously appeared on my right shoulder (The T-shirt stigmata) probably a result of a nosebleed during the night,  Except for the fact that it was impossible for blood to get from my nose to the shoulder (because of the CPAP) there was nothing to be concerned about.  Then this morning (yesterday morning now) i had another minor nosebleed which stopped in a few minutes.with the help of a nose clip. 


Now i must post mydaily_tao offering and go to bed before i do any more damage.
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