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Words on Harmony from Cold Mountain

Here's a message for the faithful:
What is it that you cherish?
--to find the Way to see your nature?

Your nature is naturally so;
what heaven bestows is perfect.
Looking for proof leads you astray'
leaving the trunk to search among the twigs
--all you get is stupid.

Han-Shan  (730? - 830? ad)

But I have to confess a particular love for Taoism and for Zen, which is Buddhism which has filtered through the prism os taoist teaching and practice.  All of the so-called "world religions" originated in southern Asia, with west Asia, South Asia, and east Asia each developing different variations on the spiritual theme.  The special genius of east asia is the sense of harmony: heaven and earth, woman and man, good and evil all somehow merge into an integrated unity.  The "knowledge" we need is very simple,  live as though harmony prevails.  Live as you should, but without expectations.  Accomplish what you accomplish without ego.  Trust, and if that trust seems betrayed, don't take it personally.  Tao will take care of itself, and in so doing, also take care of you.  Don't ask questions no one can answer
Tags: sacred poetry, taoism
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