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Primal Spirituality and the Onto/Phylo Fallacy, Steven Taylor

I posted this in the contemplatives  journal severl months ago.  After rereading it, I felt that it deserved wider distribution.  I was a little bit dismissive of it when I posted it; so I wanted to give everyone a second chance to look at  it.  Its not that new.  Since the 1950s a few social  scientists have been trying to convince us how much we have to learn from the First Peoples.

Primal Spirituality and the Onto/Phylo Fallacy, Steven Taylor

I am particularly impressed by what Taylor suggests about the ego, and how the absence of a strong ego would not have prevented hunters and gatherers from acquiring a strong sense of the "divine."  Our need for socialization, then "individuation, then transformation is only necessary because our egos are overdeveloped.  We are on ihe psychological equivalent of steroids, which alllows us to perform certain scientific and technical tasks very well, but leaves us spiritually undernourished  like the great home run hitter or linebacker who can't seem to stop beating up on his girl friends.  We need to get off our intellectual highs to have the humility to acquire what I believe every person in a gatherer-hunter society had with only a normal amount of effort.
Tags: first peoples, nature mysticism
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