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LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).  The job you face isn't hard at all.  The thing that makes it challenging is all the baggage around it..  Refrain from attaching other meaning to the job and just do it.--Holiday Mathis.

I read my horoscope, oh, maybe once, twice a month.  Don't pay much attention.  Usually its silly, off the mark, or obvious.  Once in a blue moon it seems eerily precise and specific, written for me.  This morning's really fits.

Considering that the churches condenm astrology and science scoffs at it, a surprisingly large number of Americans (I think about 30% ) put some stock in it.  I doubt that the day and time of my birth has that much influence on my life, and the stars even less (directly and specifically--of course, if the stars weren't there, I wouldn't be here at all).  I think this is a sugar coated way of accepting good advice.  I needed to here: "things aren;t as hard as they seem, ignore the past, take care of what's in front of you."  But if my spouse or another friend had said this to me, I would have felt hurt and maybe a little resentful, and certainly more resisting.
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