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Often in the morning, before, during, after, or instead of meditation, i watch the oak tree in the back yard.  I have learned that it has or is an exquisite choreographer that has different ballet, jitterbug, waltz, or wild abandoned dance for me each time i look.  Often the movement seems chaotic,  bur there is always, within the chaos, a hidden rhythm which i can only notice if it is broken.  Yesterday morning that rhythm was broken by another force than breeze or gravity or whatever mysterious forces usually operate.there.  I quickly realized that the squirrel was in the branches.

Of course, i have no way of knowing whether this was "the" squirrel or simply, a squirrel.  For nine years (i do not know the LEB of a squirrel) two squirrels have played and dined in "my" backyard.  One seems more assertive than the other and has been designated "the squirrel."   His or her partner seems more reticent, less lively.  If Nikki is in a mood to chase squirrel's, "the" squirrel is more daring and taunting, the other simply keeps a safe distance.*

As i thought about the different movement in the tree that the squirrel produced, the term "suspicious movement" crossed my mind, and i immediately realized how inappropriate that term was.  Its like arresting a Black man for trying to enter his own home.  I am the suspicious one here, the intruder, the element most likely out of place.  Whether or not this tree is her/his home (is she/he a tree squirrel or a ground squirrel?  I have no idea) she/he is certainly at home there.  It may be God's tree. it may be the squirrel's tree; my claim to it is tertiary at best.

After a time, the squirrel came out of the tree into the yard.  Alternately busy and alert.  I recalled a native American describing his meditative morning walks through his village as "purposeful and directionless."  This seemed a perfect description of the squirrel's movement.  After a time i opened the patio door and walked out into the yard.  The squirrel was aware of my presence, but apparently unaffected by it.  By turns she looked at me and ignored me, moved toward me, then away.  For a split second i was distracted by the sound of the trash being collected; the squirrel vanished..**

*(It is the next day and both squirrels are out which makes me happy.  I see so many bodies of squirrels in this urban environment, that when the "partner" is not in sight, i worry.  Is she alone now?  What can that mean to her?)

**(This last must have occurred today.  Trash is collected here on Mondays)


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Oct. 3rd, 2011 06:00 pm (UTC)
I miss watching squirrel antics. We don't have any here in Spain.
Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they are funnier than comics,
more fun than television.
And they are among our teachers
Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:10 pm (UTC)
I am a firm believer in our other species friends being our teachers. I have learned more from my dogs than I've ever taught any of them myself.
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