bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Spiritual Temperament?

About a year ago, I came across this website,, that, among many services, offered to measure my "spiritual  
The test consists of 77 statements that one is asked to agree or disagree with.  Some of the statements I found difficult or impossible.  The scoring was very easy and the results were a little surprising but intuitivel;y satisfying.  Here are this morning's results:

          "Spiritual Temperament"                         My score

      Hermit                                                                    8
      Compassionate server                                      11
      Cynic - Freedom seeker                                    12
      Intuitive/Mystic                                                     12
      Intellectual                                                            13
      Prophet -  Trance channeler                              14
     Yogi - Psychic experimenter                               15
      Monastic - Communalistic                                 17
      Ritualist, Ceremonialist                                      20
      Sensual Exstatic                                                 20
      Devotee                                                               21
      Dogmatic Believer                                             38

These are ranked from my "strongest" to my "least dominant temperament."   The results, as I said, are intuitively satisfying.  Yeah, this is the way I like to think of myself; if I'm not lying to myself its good.

Some things are inherently difficult to measure, if not impossible.  Psychologists'  famous efforts to measure love is a good example of the silliness that sometimes results from trying to measure the immeasurable.  Then there are a few technical problems.  First, the temperament indicators are clustered rather than dispersed thoughout the servey.  A single question measuring "intellectualism"  will probably go past me, but with six in a row it is pretty clear what is being measured.  Then some questions which were simple to answer got the same score as some which were frustratingly difficult.  Finally, some scales were made of of 8 statements, some of only five  The lowest possible score on "hermit" was 5, the lowest on  "intuitive mystic" was 8.  So my score of 12 on "mystic" is arguably "better" than my score of 8 on "hermit."  Anyway, it was fun.
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