bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Pre Surgical Stuff: Blood...and a Bonus

My blood is okay, good for a person my age...a little anemia, which i've always known.  Hopefully, i am now cleared for surgery.

My hematologist is a Taoist!!!  This may seem like no big deal.  But imagine you have never known anyone like yourself; then, suddenly, you meet someone who is.  My LJ friends are real friends, and some of them are Taoists and most of them know and love the Taoist.  But i have never met them face to face or heard them speak (except elainegrey and joshmanicus who have posted their voices).  Some have posted photos, but you have never seen my face.  I have been mispronouncing most Chinese names because i have never heard them spoken.

All in all a pleasant day (despite the fact my hip has gone to hell)
Tags: personal life
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