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De Profundis: Humiliation, Viewed Spiritually, Can be Humbling.

A recent post brought comments from friends which were very pertinent and focused on my inability to see the real world from a woman's point of view/  No big surprise there.  elainegrey noted that certain spiritual advice seems to be only by men and about men, that women are not considered seriously as participants in the import doings of life.  Then she added what i first thought to be a contradictory statement.  In response to my remark that vow of poverty might mean little to a poor person and a vow of obedience might be meaningless to a slave, she suggested the slaves vow of obedience ennobles the concept of obedience and the impoverished persons vow of poverty changes poverty from involuntary to voluntary.  Hmmm, the condition of poverty can be dealt with by acquiring acceptance or by acquiring wealth.

I had this in my mind as i listened to a NPR interview with Wayne Krogenbaum ( ?) on the subject of humiliation.  Humiliation, if it does not destroy a person, leaves a part of the self (the better part?) intact, and from that fragment, a new and better self can be built..  He cited the life of Oscar Wilde as an example.  Now i must read De Profundis.

There is an outlaw in each of us who must decide how and whether each particular rule designed by others applies to her or him.  Of course rule breaking has consequences, but suffering those consequences does not make me superior or inferior to anyone else.  I decide how i will act, sometimes taking into consideration consequence, others decide how they will react.  If their reaction includes humiliation, i should learn that in the shredded bits of my small self, the greater truer self abides
Tags: acceptance, perspective
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