bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Surgery Postponed!

After what, for my autistic brain, has been an incredibly long and difficult process, i felt that i was finally at the threshold of getting my hip fixed.  But, noooo.  My lovely, skilled and compassionate primary physician called me today with the news that the surgeon has decided to cancel my proceedure Thursday because of possible complications.  I, of course, expressed my frustration as only an autist will, but my doctor understood and i apologized.  Had any one but her given me the news, they would have got both barrels. 
I am anemic and might have had to have a blood transfusion during the operation in any case; but now there is a suspicion that the anemia might be caused by bone marrow problems and they want me to consult with a hemotologist and then, perhaps, be infused with a pint or two in advance of the surgery.

Our youngest daughter is here from Oregon to be with Dianne during my anticipated three or four day absence from home.  The inconvenience and expense to her is the worst part of this little story.  Actually, i feel quite capable of going another two or three months without the hip replacement.  In contrast to the situation 3+ years ago when my right hip deteriorated, i am in little pain and, with the aid of my cane, quite mobile.

So save your prayers and good wishes and thoughts.  I will surely need them in the not too distant future.
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