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Who Am I That Thou Are Mindful Of Me?

bardcatbardcat  included this quote from Wendell Berry in an entry on the death of his mother.

And this from Berry, “By indulging a limitless desire for a supposedly limitless quantity, one gives up all the things that are most desirable. One abandons any hope of the formal completeness, grace, and beauty that comes only by subordinating one's life to the whole of which it is a part, and thus one is condemned to the life of a fragment, forever unfinished and incomplete, forever greedy. One loses, that is, the sense of human life as an artifact, a part made imaginatively whole.”
Traveling on Grace Street... - Dog Paddling

As i watch the passing, especially in northern America, of whole cultures while the collectors of artifacts, such as myself, greedily gather up the remnants to use for decorating our individual lives, while the communities which gave the individual spiritual practices meaning are eroded by the materialism and individualism of the uberkultur,  i contemplate these words and beg for the salvation of our souls.
Tags: first peoples, generic meditation issues, gnosis and agnosis
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