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Frithjof Schuon: A Spiritual Force to Conjure With.

I like to see who the people i admire admired.  The Sufi scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr considered himself a lifelong follower of Frithjof Schuon, an advocate of perennis religio.  Here is his Wikipedia biography.

the religio perennis is the underlying religion, the religion of the heart or the religio cordis. Esoterists in every orthodox tradition have a more or less direct access to it, but it cannot be a question of practicing the religio perennis independently.[citation needed] Religious forms can be more or less transparent but religious diversity is not denied for its raison d'être is metaphysically explained. On the one hand, formal religions are upaya (celestial strategy), superimpositions on the core-essence of the religio perennis. On the other hand, religious forms correspond to as many archetypes in the divine Word itself.[citation needed] Religious forms are willed by God and each religion corresponds to a particular and homogenous cosmos, characterized by its own perspective of the Absolute.[citation needed]

The Perennialist perspective itself can thus be characterized as essentially metaphysical, esoteric, primordial but also traditional. For Schuon, there is no spiritual path outside of a revealed religion, which provides spiritual seekers with a metaphysical doctrine and a spiritual method, but also with a spiritual environment of beauty and sacredness.

Frithjof Schuon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tags: shaman, spiritual practice
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