bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Writer's Block: Cinco de Mayo

Do you consider yourself patriotic? If so, how do you express it?

No, i believe nationalism is anti-human
and i would like to be a human being.
Patriotism has been called the last refuge of scoundrels
and i have taken that to be a definition.
I have been trying very hard not to be a scoundrel,
but sometimes my country will ask me to be one anyway,
Patriotism, even Israeli patriotism,
has been shown to be a form of idolatry.
(All other patriotisms are idolatry by definition.)
(But as a human being, i can't buy into that either.
A spiritual person cannot condone violence,
and the state has reserved to itself the legitimate use of violence.
and if i act on behalf of a state,
i may be asked to do violence.)
If we follow the same religious symbol but different flags
we may be asked to kill one another.
If we follow the same flag but different gods
we may be asked to forget our religious differences,
Thus the nations ask us to put our flags above our gods.
This means our flags become our gods.
I am not certain that a tattered rag can be my god?
My God, i'm not even sure my god is my God.
Tags: writer's block
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