September 2nd, 2018

Update Update - More on the Message

Saturday night i went to Church and had occasion to speak to the friend who had called me about the message from Dianne.  I asked if he could see her? Yes.  I aked if she spoke aloud?  Yes.  I asked for exact words?  "Call Bob."  "I love him."  I aked if he had had other similar experiences?  Just once, about a month ago.  I said, so you haven't heard from Shirley?  No -- he looked sad.  (Shirley was/is his wife who died shortly before Dianne did.)

My skepticism is on hold.  I do believe there is consiousness after "life."  But my belief did not include the possibility of an exchange of love notes from one dimension to another.  I assumed that people on the "other side" could be conscious of our thoughts and feelings if they wanted to be.  But why should they want to be?  They are in the real world, we are still in the illusory one.  My friend is straightforward and down-to-earth person..He has had this sort of experience once before; yet he talked as if it was the most common and normal experience.

I do not know if my friend's experience was as it seemed to him.  Nevertheless, i talk more often to Dianne now.  I am more comfortable that she is in a "good" place.  I am more aware of he "presence."

Love, peace, and joy to everyone.