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August 28th, 2018

Where, I Wonder, Are We Going?

According to the legends of my people, my first ancestors were intended to be immortal.

But they screwed it up. ,,, Read more...Collapse )

May all creatures experience love, peace, and happiness.

A Message From Beyond?

My friend, who is neither a kook of any kind nor a medium, called me a few minutes ago to check on me  since he hasn't seen me in church in more than 3 months.  (Actually, i was there Saturday night, but he wasn't)  In the process he mentioned that he had heard from Dianne who asked him to call me.  She said she still loves me.

So what do i do with this?  Of course, i thanked him and said i appreciated that he had passed on her message.  Thankfully, i have overcome my autism enough to know i should not get into an intellectual  discussion about whether such messages from the cosmos (or the real world, as i call it) are possible or not.  After i hung up i sent a thought "upward" asking Dianne to contact me directly next time.  I am pretty sure i know what what the answer would be.

Contact with the Real (whatever that be) is a gift that relatively few of us get.  Dianne had that gift, i don't,   My friend might have it too.  Dianne, on a half dozen occasions of which  i am aware,  received information that she could not have obtained by ordinary (as i understand "ordinary") means

Well, i am both comforted and skeptical; and i will not close my mind to the possibiliy that Dianne spoke to me through my friend.



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