July 25th, 2018

Will An Old Love Say "Hi?"

My out-of-town daughter is in town for most of the week and i am having a good time.  I may post more about it later.  Younger daughter asked a lot of questions today about my earlier years.  (Do they suspect that i might not be around much longer?  I intend to hang around as long as possible, even if i'm just taking up space -- which only happens periodically).

One of the questiona was, "Do i remember the name of my high school girl friend?'  Well of course, i did and i gave it to her.  Before i knew it, my daughter had found my old love on facebook and sent her a message saying that i am saying "hi."

She called off our relationship a few days before we graduated from college; that was just over 63 years ago.  After a few daus of whining, i got on a train for Denver.  I never saw her again, never spoke to her again (a possible symptom of autism).

I was horrified by what my daughter had done*  But i was also excited.  Will she respond?  What will she say?  If i say nothing more about this, it will mean she did not respond.  If she does, i will let you know,

* Dmnable modern social media, it allows us to so many things without thinking that we can't take back.