December 30th, 2017

Common Sense Mysticism: A Review of Underhill's Practical Mysticism (VII)



Concentration, recollection, a profound self-criticism, the stilling of
his busy surface-intellect, his restless emotions of enmity and desire,
the voluntary achievement of an attitude of disinterested love--by
these strange paths the practical man has now been led, in order that
he may know by communion something of the greater Life in which he is
immersed and which he has so long and so successfully ignored. He has
managed in his own small way something equivalent to those drastic
purifications, those searching readjustments, which are undertaken by
the heroic seekers for Reality; the arts whereby they defeat the
tyranny of "the I, the Me, the Mine" and achieve the freedom of a wider
life. Now, perhaps, he may share to some extent in that illumination,
that extended and intensified perception of things, which they declare
to be the heritage of the liberated consciousness.

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