November 21st, 2017

Progress, Not Perfection

Fourth Step: Check  IWell, sort of...)

Fifth Step: Check  (Well, sort of...)

Not only have i discovered new facts about myself in the aftermate of 4 and 5.  But i thought my sponsor might have stopped listening to my fifth step before i was through.  I have not mentioned this, but i will.

I think i tried to make my life an open book, but i ended up presenting an type preview.  My childhoos, especially liffe at home, is still a mystery..  I'm tirn among indifference, autism, and abuse as the possible reason for this lapse of memoruy.  My siblings have suggested indifference; my father suggested (indirectly) a different story.

Anyway, i will doubtless do another 4th step if i live long enough

Meanwhile, on to Step Six, etc.