May 26th, 2017

Update Update !!

It is 5 am and i have been sleepless since 2.  Ilm not sure if my body is reacting to some as yet unrecognized problem or if i have energy that i havenlt experienced in a long time.

The very good news is that my red blood cell count has been rising because of the darbepoetin alfa shots.  The count is not yet up to the acceotable minimuim llevel and it may never get there. but it is high enough that i no longer have to worry about exhaurion or frequent blood transfusion.  Joy abounds.  I should be able to return to some semblence of normality by the beginning of the month.

I still need supplemental oxygen, but only for excercize or long walks.

BTW, ilve lost 30 pounds -- a gift of my illnessses.  The weight came off without effort. and i feekgood!
My BMI is now "normal"

I hope to post regularly about subjects of greater interest to me than my personal healsth.  Also i wull resume reading my friend's journal entriees, whiich i haven't done since early Jamuary.

May 18th was the first anniversary of Dianne's death.  It has been an easy year.  God Damn autism!  God bless autism!

Peace, loving kindness, and joy to all.